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Klondike Addict 101 supports the Facebook version of Klondike: The Lost Expedition. If you play this game on a different platform (Plinga, FunnyGames, etc) you can still use the information available here and join our group to ask questions about the game on the wall. However, if not playing on Facebook, you will not be able to join contests or add friends from KA101.
IF you are playing Klondike Adventures (the prequel to Klondike: The Lost Expedition) there are two places you should be looking for help. Klondike Adventures is the mobile device game available for your phones and tablets.
The Official Page from Vizor, Developers of
Klondike Adventures
Klondike Adventures Help Group (Mobile Devices) is a Facebook Group for game support. Ask questions, meet new friends and learn more about Klondike Adventures!
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