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Adventures of Ragnar

Land of Settlers

Land of Settlers


Part 3 of the Story Adventure

The adventures of Ragnar continue! Go to a new adventure location and find the truth among unusual creatures! Help Ragnar find his way!

This final part of Adventures of Ragnar has 2 levels: Land of Settlers and Valley of Mirages

NOTE: You cannot use your partner's help in story locations. Your home storage will be available from the site and all items collected will go directly to your home storage.

This Story Adventure contains 3 lands: Land of the Inuit, Ancestors' Land, and Land of Settlers.

The adventure is available for 25 days after your initial visit to the first land, Land of the Inuit. If you are currently working on a previous Story Adventure, you will have to wait until the timer runs out on that one before you can start this one.

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