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Captain Paloma's Journey

Sailor's Camp

Sailor's Camp


Brave journalist Lina Ortega Flores Llosa invites you on a dangerous expedition! Help her uncover the secrets of the diary of the legendary navigator, Captain Paloma. What fate befell this amazing woman?

Go to the Sailors' Camp to reveal all the mysteries of the pioneers! Solve the riddles, help Bears, and enter the mysterious Dark Cave! Find all you need to restore the Pioneers' Ship and get ready for some guests!

This land has 2 levels: Sailor's Camp and Hidden Ravine.

NOTE: You cannot use your partner's help in story locations.

This Story Adventure contains 3 lands: Sailor's Camp, Last Abode, and Buccaneer Trail.

The land is available for 30 days from the time of your first visit. If you are currently working on a previous Story Adventure, you will have to wait until the timer runs out on that one before you can start this one.

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