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Saving Granthill

South Granthill

South Granthill


Zeke Asher needs your help in saving his hometown from an unfortunate destiny. No need to call the sheriff; the bandits have nothing to do with it. Instead, grab a movie camera and transform this mining town into the epicenter of the film industry! But how hard is it to make movies? Find out now!

This land has 3 levels: South Granthill, Farm of the Future, and Sam's Ranch.

NOTE: You cannot use your partner's help in story locations.

This Story Adventure contains 3 lands: South Granthill, Asher's Studio, and Cinema.

The adventure is available for 30 days after your initial visit. If you are currently working on the previous Story Adventure, you will have to wait until the timer runs out on that one before you can start this one.

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