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Help! I am out of coins AGAIN! Where do I find more!

This is a frequently asked question by all gamers, but particularly lower level players. So I posted the question to the group and am compiling the answers for you as to how others get more coins when they are low or to keep their coin count up.


> I sell some of my gold

> I sell turkey egg 

     Meaning make Turkey Egg Containers in the Barn with Turkey eggs + Wool. Containers sell for 20K


> Ostrich Baskets 

    You have to have Polar Side open to use this one. Raise brown ostrich and collect nests, or collect

    ostrich egg nest from your neighbors. Take ostrich eggs and ostrich feather to Polar Side and make

    Ostrich egg Baskets. Sell for 80K Coins!

> Trading collections with coin value 

    Mining set: 5K coins, Bone set 7K coins, Intuit sets 10K coins, Viking set: 15K coins, Indigo set 50K

    coins, Sea set 30K coins. Be sure you save AT LEAST 10 sets to exchange in quests.

    Collections: Where to find them.

> Rabbit babies makes lots of money 

     Rabbits can be bought in the market and breed on your homestation. After you finish Glades, you’ll

     be able to raise Black rabbits at home as well. WARNING: They take a lot of grass or hay and can

     take over your land if you don’t keep them controlled. The pink baby

     bunnies sell for 5K coins each.

> Birds, lots and lots of all the birds 

    Again, this refers to selling birds egg baskets and getting the collections, as you do not get coins

    from collecting nests or golden statues. Chicken Egg Tray 6K coins, Goose Egg Basket 10K coins,

    Turkey Egg Containers 20K coins, Ostrich Egg Baskets 80K coins.

> Turn in those Indigo Collections. You can find the collection pieces in peacock nests at

    your neighbors.  Just a bit more information about finding that Indigo set.. :D

> I use my hennery to its full capacity and collect nests once a week and make turkey

   baskets and ostrich baskets. Cash in once a week and see my money grow. However for

   this to work I have many pear trees to make grain. The trees seem expensive to begin

   with but are a great investment

   Still… a bit more info on the bird egg approach.

> Crops- plant the long term crops overnight and sell in the morning 

    With a bit more prodding, she says cabbage, sells for 427 coins and Tomatoes, sell for 704 coins.

> This one may be a little outside the box and more for mid level players in Glade the

   box with fresco it is 200 fragments and 1000 fire to make it but when you bring it

   home and unload it the value of it is 800,000 you never need them for anything except

   one quest that asks you to create one. I don't know if that will help anyone 

     800K coins! Pretty nice!

> The pearls in shells at Inti Coast. They are worth 350k each 

    Can be made in either Inti Coast with Shells & Hammers or on the home station in the Init

    Coast Fountain (Station clearing reward for Inti Coast) with Peafowl egg & Water (72 hours)

> Raising pigs yields a lot of gold! They give the biggest return I believe. 

    Here you will not be getting direct coins, but you will get gold from the Golden statues to

    sell for coins.

> I keep corn going 24/7 in one of my vegetable complexes.  

    Corn sells for 1,640 coins each.

> I grew red (sweet) peppers to sell, then tomatoes once I leveled up high enough.   

   Overnight, every night.  Sweet peppers sell for 623 coins each and tomatoes sell for 704 coins each.

> I am at level 35 and afraid to sell much of anything because I have already made the mistake of selling items that I needed

for quests. I am just growing cucumbers and selling them when I need money 

       A different perspective, but a very good point made!

>  When visiting neighbors, I click on iron ore 


Created by: Doug Bowman with the help of our KA101 members!

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