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Beginner's Guide

The following tips are learned through trial and error if you don’t have someone to tell you about them before you get too far into the game. We are here to help you avoid common errors and to make the most of your time you have to play Klondike. Feel free to ask game question on the Klondike Addicts 101 wall any time and it should be answered in a fairly short time by an administrator or experienced player. You will find many of the early quests will instruct you on some basic game functions. Vizor, the developer of the Klondike game has an official website @  Klondike Fan Page

Getting more neighbors​

Neighbors are going to be a big help in this game. You need to visit them to help build energy as well as have them to send free gifts to and receive free gifts from. (Some quests along the way will require this.) Get more neighbors by joining our group 

To learn how to  add a neighbor InGame only and not as a FB friend, follow this link. InGame Neighbors.

Your Facebook friends that play Klondike will automatically show up on your neighbors bar.

Earning more coins

There are two difficult things to do as you start out. One is building energy to do things, the other is to have coins to purchase things you need (animals, buildings, plants, etc.) This file will help you with many tips offered by group members on where they find more coins. Coin File

Building your Energy​

  • You will find energy to be an issue as you first start out. You will start the game with a maximum energy of 15. After you use that, you get +1 energy, once every 3 minutes until you are back up to your max. (Energy/level) You can increase your energy above max in several ways.

  • Eat energy foods. You will receive energy when visiting neighbors and chopping 5 free chops (total daily allowed is 300). Chopping repeatedly on a single blue object will help you find more energy.  (Items to chop at your neighbors for energy.) This energy will be piled on top of the energy you have when you start visiting.

  • If you eat an energy food (received from chopping on other lands and quest rewards early on) when you are one below max energy, the excess energy will add to your current energy. You can not eat energy foods if you are at max energy or above. You will be able to make small energy food in the barn, earn some as rewards for completing quests, reward from exchanging horn collections, as Freebies from the Klondike Game Fan Page, and when you start traveling, bringing home items that will drop energy foods and unloading them at your home station.

  • Do not let your workers completely remove the trees and stones on your land. Allow them to chop them to the last 1 or 2 chops which you can get yourself. Save the hides under these until you need an energy boost. Make sure you are at max energy (max - 1 + eat largest energy item) before you open the hides. The energy that comes from this will add on top of whatever energy you currently have.

Hiring Workers

You will begin the game with 2 Free Inuits that will stay with you throughout your game on your home station. You will want to put them to work, helping you to clear your land at your home station. They can run the saw mill and quarry to help you get started with clearing. You will find soon that you need more workers (And need more coins to hire them!) You start the game with a tent on your home station that you can hire 1 worker for 1 ½ hours in. You will find you soon need more workers and for them to work for longer periods. The ONLY requirement to build housing will be to build levels of The House with the Attic. Even so, you may find early on that you will want more than one of those. To learn more about the workers, their cost and the housing builds and times, check out this file - Housing Requirements and Workers Cost

Continue reading for more Hints and Tips in this Google Document:

Getting Started in Klondike: Beginners Tips

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