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Ask for their Game ID#. (located in their neighbor panel)

Copy their ID# (CTRL + C)

  1. Click on neighbors (picture with 3 Inuits)

How to add someone to neighbors without being friends through Facebook.

     2. Choose search tab.

     3. Paste ID# in ENTER ID box. (CTRL + V)

     4. Click “SEARCH”.

     5. If player is found there will be an ADD ME to click

Neighbors Search Updated 2-22.jpg

If you receive the message, player not found, there could be several reasons for this. First thing to do is to look at the top of your Neighbors window and see if the top 3 “ADD ME” folk have “Anonym” with the glasses and mustache picture showing.(If it says “Anonym” with a picture of Klondike’s Gopher, that is an issue between the game and Facebook settings. Vizor has been trying to resolve this issue for weeks! )

If this shows, you just need to refresh your game and try again.


The other thing that brings up “Player Not Found” is if either you or the person who’s ID# you are looking for has written it wrong. This is why it’s best to use copy/paste on both ends of this process.


The last possibility of something going wrong would be if you found the player in-game, but the “ADD ME” button under their avatar is gray. This would be because either you or the person you are trying to add are full (300) in-game. You can only have 300 in-game friends. You can have up to an additional 5,000 Facebook friends as neighbors!

After you are able to click “ADD ME”, you will see this message and the next step is on the other person’s end…


If someone is sending you an In-Game friend request, you will need to accept it. Look again at the 3 Inuits at the end of your neighbors bar. If you see a red number there, you have In-game requests waiting for you.

To accept.jpg

Click on the Inuits and you will see this screen.


Click to accept your new In-game friend. :)


Created by Tina Maddaus and Doug Bowman for Klondike Addicts 101. 7/18/2016

Edited February 12, 2022

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